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5 Second Automatic Shut-Down

The APPM is a modified TASER CEW battery which shuts down the high voltage output of the CEW after 5 seconds and contains a built in speaker that alerts the user to the impending shut down. 


The APPM can be configured to impact the functionality of the ARC switch (X2 CEW) based on agency preference.


The APPM is available for use in the TASER X2 and X26P CEWs only and is also available as an option for the TASER CAM HD.

Audio Alert

The APPM provides an audible beeping alert for the last 2 seconds of a trigger-initiated cycle before automatically shutting down the cycle. After 5 seconds’ deployment duration, the energy burst will stop even if your finger is still pulling the trigger switch.

Reenergize Capabilities

To reenergize the deployed cartridge, first ensure that your finger is off the trigger switch, and then press the trigger again. Your ECD will recognize the APPM as a unique type of battery pack. If you remove the APPM and replace it with a different type of battery pack, the X26P ECD will return to its normal configuration. That is, there will no longer be an audio alert, and the energy cycle will continue after 5 seconds if your finger is still holding down the trigger switch.

Always confirm that the ECD performs as expected before returning it to duty after changing any battery pack. Remove the cartridge before testing the ECD function. See the Unloading section in this manual for more information.


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Taser Battery Automatic Shut-Down Power Performance Magazine (APPM)

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